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You spend all your money on plane tickets
And you will until the day you die.
Just to fulfill the idea of the person you wish to be.
Someone insightful, outgoing and alive.
To escape, trying to escape. Desperately,
The truth.
That you are bones wrapped in skin.
You’re vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian,
To escape the fact
That you’re a murderous being
At heart.
Flesh torn from bone, eaten raw,
Eaten crisp
To fill the hunger that rages within.
The hunger to kill, to eat, to kill
You’re part of PETA, of CARE, of Doctors without Borders.
Separating yourself
From the truth of your existence.
The blood on your hands stains, nails orange.
You clothe yourself in materials which are “ethical”
But the skin of calves from your primal beginnings
Keeps you warm.
Keep lying. The words of untruth, lies, keep lying.
The wolves come, they tear, they ravage.
We control, they turn
Into dogs. Until night when our lives
Fail. And they tear, into flesh.
The pretense that we
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 1 0
On purpose or for purpose?
What’s the point of holding on. I mean, honestly; who are we trying to impress?
There are people who say that “the best is yet to come”,
but they are just fooling themselves.
Pretty little lies to help them get through the bad times
But it’s been 7 years since I realised what I have
And since then there’s never been more than 4 weeks without feeling the infernal pain.
Even when medicated.
It’s exhausting,
And we hold on to make a point.
But what’s the point?
We surround ourselves with things that mark our “successes”
But the only real success is that we made it through the day
Without jumping out of a window
It’s been two weeks now
And the only thing on my mind
Is letting go
But yet, I hold on.
Is it the urge to survive that all living creatures have?
Or is it a sense of pride that I don’t feel
But is there, holding me back.
In 100 years, no one will remember
That you didn’t let go.
They don’t know now.
So wh
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
Black Sparrow
Breathing underwater
Is this a secret thing?
I suffocate in the air
And drown in the sun.
I am alive when I am trapped
But I am dead when I am free.
And that is all that there is.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 2
The Battle Never Ends
If this war never ends, then what’s the point in fighting?
If the successes last only a short time, then what is the point?
If the successes do not feel grand, then why achieve?
And if the light does not shine, then why do we see?
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 1 0
He was never mine to keep
The years I looked upon him with favour
The times spent together in jest
Was only time borrowed.
Just a speck of time I stole.
But now I see that he is with you,
Your place is where I stood.
I kept it warm for you, I guess.
Please, to him be true.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
I feel ill I’m going to die
I have a twitching in my eye
I’m burning up, I’m feeling sick
I’ve got a feeling this is it.
Going to the doctors- three today
He said I’m a
No clue where I’m at
I swear I’m gonna die today
I have an ingrown toenail
My skin is looking pale
I’m got the shakes
I’m gunna die
Cause I’m a
Is there a pill for that?
Drug me up and wish me luck
I think my
Tongue has swollen up
My breasts have shrunk a cup
I haven’t slept at all today
They say I’m a
And that I’m doing crack,
That it makes me paranoid
I’ve got
Deep thrombosis
To sick to work today
My knees are weak
My fevers peaked
I don’t think I’ll last the day
I think I’ve broke my back
I’m all alone
Cant reach the phone
Ohhh wait a heart attack
Shooting pains,
Metallic taste,
Doctors have
Blocked my number
Said I’m
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 2 0
Plant Life
A life of dreams, wrapped in hope
Trapped in a box of despair.
A trembling child in the garden of Eden
Enclosed by a circle of fire.
You have the world beneath your feet
Opportunities for you to take.
You can be anyone, do anything
but the only one stopping you, is you.
Live like Icarus and not like a mouse
For before he fell; he felt life, freedom and hope.
But a mouse only feels fear
Embrace the risk and do not fear it.
For the longer you wait, the further you fall
Into the sands of time, unable to move
Your life is your own
No-one else’s.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
Bypassing Formalities
I melted the ice of the polar caps,
To stop the concern of inevitability.
I moved the polar bears to the zoos
And the penguins to Sea World.
They’re  happy there,
And now fish swim at our feet.
I took the oil from beneath our toes
And sent it into the sun.
Now we don’t need to worry
And a star is fed, ready to burst.
We have renewable energy now
And a warmer summer.
I chopped down all the trees
And burnt them all to feed the sky.
Now we have no means of oxygen
And the greenhouse is full.
We will die with a smile
From our poisonous intoxication.
I thought that I would do the job
We seem to have set out to do.
For all this fuss and worrying
Seemed odd and counter intuitive too.
So I cut to the chase,
Jumped to the end
Read the last page
Now watch,
      as we descend.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
It's Reality
Do you not feel it,
When you stand there so innocently?
Staring into space.
Does the fear not grip you
Filling each crevice within you, gaseous
And tear you from within?
When the pain hits
And you hold on to anything beside you,
Do you not give up?
Do you not think,
If given the option, “I’d opt out”?
But it's not offered.
Do you find it’s too hard,
To go on, to breath, to open your eyes,
Even if they’re still open?
It’s debilitating
It’s demeaning
It’s reality.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
Time gives birth to the bluebells, sweet.
Carries them through, a life fulfilled.
Then snatches its essence,
The bluebell does wilt, colour fades
And it crumbles.
To give life to another.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 1 0
Mature content
When dreams go wrong. :iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
You say I'm a dreamer...
I see the world in a different way
I believe in change, in revolution and no pain
I like the world of Goblins and trolls
Where trees speak Greek and water can fold.
I find the world in a cell of the body so small,
The most interesting thing, so hidden and cool.
I love Space. So large, boundless and free.
Stars that burn bright in galaxies we cannot see.
This is life, the way we are
Suspended mid galaxy, falling so free.
If the world I see, isn’t the world it is
Then you can keep reality.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
What have you done with your life?
Go to uni, get a first,
Is it all for show?
Brush your teeth every day,
Allow your hair to grow.
All these things people say,
That you need to do.
How many of them are really
going to satisfy you?
Get married, raise some kids.
A perfect picture, of sort.
Should be happy, but you’re not.
The answer you now sought.
Visit the Maldives and the Taj Mahal
Skydive over the mountains of Nepal.
Eat with the tribes of a far away land
Marry a prince, to a great brass band.
But what have you done?
What have you achieved?
You’ve wiped out world hunger
But you crave something asunder.
Your eyes open one day,
And the mirror you face
Reveals lines and crevices
Marks of a far away place.
You go and sit, upon the rocking chair
Looking out upon the waterways of Italy
Your partner comes and sits besides
A secret sadness in their eyes
They say to you, my darling, my love
You were sent to me from some place above
We made a life, extravagant and fun
But now our time is almost done
I think that we
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
I feel like a ship
That had sailed on the seas of destruction
The waves would hit and knock me
Almost over, but then, another would hit
And even me out.
But now
The waters are still,
Non- existent. The world and I,
At peace.
It feels,
As though when the waters fell, I dropped upon
A rock.  Balancing on the point of tipping.
Just waiting, for a wave to strike and for me
to fall.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
Hidden Away
No-one ever knows
It’s an excitement you see
It’s my wee secret.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 0 0
A Script Void of Ink
The curtains closed; I sit alone
Light creeps between the cracks.
It plays in jest, so daintily
Upon my sculptured back.
The sun does fall for the dusks night rise
Shadows: wide across the floor.
As I ascend my bones do quiver
I move towards the door.
Upon my bones I wear my flesh
To face the world, unknown
Beneath my feet, the ground bites hard
Bare feet upon cold stone.
Each step engraved
A whispy trail
A story to be told
To rest within my coffin deep
When I lie, dead and cold.
My hands; they hold and feel the Earth
Soul falls between the cracks.
They rish and touch my love’s face.
Preform their daily acts.
The sun does fall and with dusks light
The memories absorb
And etch themselves upon my frame
A sentimental orb.
Thoughts imprinted upon my skull
Feelings upon my chest.
A script of life, never to be read
As I curl up and lie to rest.
:iconphiliocofansis:Philiocofansis 3 0
It would be really appreciated if you could look through the gallery, what's on view probably isn't my best, aha.

Ask, credit (loads) and link me to the result.
All ^ (Y)

Close your eyes, hold my hand and leap, into the darkness...

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I sit with the snickersnack sound of them passing,
The globberwalk gait of the rich and the round.
They try not to notice,
Avoiding the gaze,
Of the homeless skeletitude state of malaise.
Give me more than your gloating disdain,
Your stenchweaving haste, ignores all the pain.
My empty existance,
Some throw me some change,
For easing their conscience, then scuttle away.
The government henchweasles move me along,
I roam into doorways where I don't belong,
But none are now open,
For embarassment clings,
To dirty carbunctuous shambling things.
How can you not realise that you could be me,
You were born lucky, your choices were free.
But I was spawned in a pit of no hope,
With the hands of addiction,
Wrapped round my throat.
So slither on blindly, for you dont want to see,
That only good fortune makes you different from me.
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The greatest freedom is in the mind,
to be tied up and bound shows a physical entraptment
but to throw away the shackles inside yourself;
- that is the greatest feat.


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